Technology can help make work better. MyEventURL is an application that makes it easy to publish an event. We live for that moment when two people exchange hunch and an idea is born!


Change agents can do amazing work when they work on the right things with the right people.
Sharing helps connect people! The source code for this project is made available under the MIT license at GitHub. This app leverages several projects and add-ins like jquery, jqueryui, bootstrap, vuejs, and jquery sticky note that are protected under separate open license agreements.
Openness helps people prioritize projects! In order to promote opennesss, we ask that you generally license your contributions under a free and open license.


MyEventURL makes it easy for people share their event:

  • Event Site

    In less than a minute you can have a website for your event. Visitors can convert the event to local time to see if they can attend. Visitors can add the event to their calendar in one click.
  • Engaged Visitors

    You can get data on how many people visit your event site and add your event to their calendar. In addition, you can use your event sites to interact with visitors via surveys, event summaries, and comments.
  • Team Calendars

    You can group events onto a board. You can embed your board whever your team works - SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and More!


Before using this site please review: